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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter Greetings

Up From The Grave He AROSE..........
With a mighty triumph o'er his foes.
He arose a VICTOR from the dark domain

              Happy Easter, my people and may the power that raised Jesus from the dead bring all the good that is dead in our Nation and in our lives back to life, It is also a time for new beginnings and may he that started the new Covenant with man bring the new beginning to our lives and nation.

      And as we go again to chose new state lawmakers and governors,,may we have the heart to chose leaders for  a new Nation and continue to pray that God will give us the peace that passes all understanding in our Nation and may the resurrected Christ give succour to all those that lost loved ones and properties in the violence in the Northern part of this great Nation.


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

I have been a bit bored these past few days as it seems all everyone is talking about is politics.
The tvs, radios and newspapers are filled with political accusations and counter accusations and if you win, the election is free and fair. But if you lose, the winning party rigged in their candidate.

 Why can we lose or win GRACIOUSLY?

The electorate is not stupid as the politicians think and most of us knows what we want and will not be told what to do by anybody. So please accept our decisions

 Anyway, enough said and I hope I am not boring you? As i don't have much to say.

Just go out and VOTE come Saturday or you have no right to complain about whoever is elected.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

New Month, New Look

With all the election -mania going on and since I decided not to vote last Saturday, I spent the day removing the locs I have had for the past 8months.
 I have always had my hair relaxed since I was 15yrs old and was naturally blessed with long and full thick hair that did not need any extensions or weaves. All through my university days friends and strangers alike will touch and pull my hair to check if it is really mine or a weave-on and I was the pride of my hair stylist.

 Alas, the babies came, my hormones went haywire and suddenly my hair started thinning, it remained long but lost the thickness so much,  that I resort to weave ons and extensions.

 Thinning continued and dependence on weaves became the norm and my own hair only appeared for only a couple of weeks in 3 months to be retouched and allowed to grow a bit before the next set of weave ons.
My hair was in such a bad condition (Sad to say) that I decided to stop relaxing and return to the natural state with the hope that it regrow healthier, my last retouch was in May2010.
  I had my hair locked with extensions in July and due to the compliments I received, I was going to keep locking for 2yrs at least. But on removing the locs  and seeing my hair, it was thick and healthy again but still had the relaxed ends so I had a 'big chop' this morning and now sport an Afro, which my husband seems to like and my colleagues in the hospital has whaoed. I was told that I look younger and the matron  is thinking so stopping relaxers when she saw my hair.
As much as am tempted to remain like this(with the Afro), I most likely will re-loc as that is more manageable for my life at the moment as my natural is thick and kinky but, it sure feels GOOD to have my thick healthy hair back. And no more relaxers for me in a very long while.