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Saturday, 24 March 2012

ELECTRICITY........Missing In Action

Electricity the Son of Nepa.....sorry Phcn has disappeared from my home and neighborhood and has been declared missing in action MIA.
In it place, noise,fumes,discomfort, sleeplessness and heat rash has come to stay.

In case found,please,appeal on me and my family's behalf to him to please come home,We are desperately missing him and would appreciate him coming home back to us as we consider him an important part of our family.We don't even mind paying the increase in salary demanded by his mother.

We love and miss him,and will do anything to have him back. If found, please contact me on this blog. Handsome Reward awaits Founder.

Thank you

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Postal Issues

How have you been?

Some of the books I ordered finally came and through the post office.My books were shipped from the US on the 10th Feb and I was told it will take 2-3weeks and local Naija babe that I am I equated shipping with cargo and was expecting my goods at my door.(I did pay through my nose/ it cost me an arm and leg)
Imagine my surprise, When books did not arrive aafter 5 weeks and after several frantic emails,I was told that the shipping company has sent it to Nigeriaand I should check with my local post office and there was no way of tracking it.
Knowing our postal system over here, I panicked and nearly had a heart attack.I took my fate in my hands and went to my local post office.
NIPOST really impressed me, One of my 3 packages had arrived and I was told I did not get a delivery slip because there was no one to receive it when the postman came and you can imagine my fears concerning the remaining 2 packages,I was reassured by the staff and was told to leave my phone number.
I got a call as early as 7.30am on monday to come pick up the other 2 packages intact. I am happy right now and am looking forward to getting other packages through the new Improved Nipost

LAGOS is definitely Working

Sunday, 4 March 2012


Bamise was 8 yesterday and we had a party in church today for his classmates as he is going to a new class.

It seems just like yesterday when I woke up in the middle of the night to pee and it seems as if a tap was turned on and when it finally stopped and I checked znd found out I was Bleeding at 35weeks - I had Placenta Previa and had an emergency CS My baby was in a hurry to come and he was strong though was so skinny and is still skinny according to Mum and Dad.

We love you, Francis Oluwabamise Odusote, You will live and not die , you will live to declare the Glory of God.May you have the heart to be a man after God's own heart with all humility and fear of God. You will continue to be a source of Joy and Laughter to all in Jesus name.


My prayers are also for my older son, Oluwatunmise,my comforter and joy.Affiliate Program ”Get Money from your Website”