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Thursday, 19 December 2013


How are you all doing? And compliments of the season to you all.

I have been fine except for this irritating dry cough that has refused to go but all in all healthy eating plan and exercise are on course.
I decided to measure myself with a tape because a lot of people were commenting on my weight loss and I can't seem to see much difference and have lost just about 6.7kg in the past 3 months and I was quite impressed(if I do say so myself),

Starting Current Loss
Weight 99kg 92.4kg 6.6kg
Bust 46in 41in 5in
Waist 42in 37in 5in
Hips 47in 43in 4in
Arms 15in 13in 2in
Thighs 28in 26.5in. 1.5in

This showed a loss of about 17 inches and this makes me excited to go on. Just got a new heart rate monitor/pedometer/watch and I intend to make good use of it.
Losing weight is not measured on the scale alone and when there is no change or even a gain as it happened to me in the 1st few weeks, it can be discouraging.
When you exercise, you build muscle and muscle weighs more than fat but takes up less space, so you might weigh more but wear a smaller dress size. It is not just about weight loss on the scale but about a fitter and healthier you meeting new fitness challenges and eating healthier too.

My desire is to walk 70,000 steps at least weekly, run more than walk, bring down and keep down my blood pressure and cholesterol( I am off medications for cholesterol right now and hopefully never going back on it) control my oesto artritis and off course wear a size 12/14......more 14 again.What are your goals?

What are your plans for the Christmas holidays? Will tell you more about my plans in my next post.

Take care

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

How are you all?

I have had issues with my laptop and that is why I have been offline these days.
I seem to have lost some of my voom for exercise since coming down with a cold 2 weeks ago. initially I got tired easily but I am fine now but have not gotten my groove back for dancing at night...... I used to enjoy it so much. I still go for my walks 3-4 times a week and am out for at least an hour or more and try to compensate for the missed dance sessions.

My diet hs been so and so, I have healthy meals in the freezer but seem to crave the white carbs but so far, ao good, I am still putting in an effort.

weight as at yesterday morning was 92.9kg

I hope to be 90kg by end of the month but I wonder how I will cope at Christmas and with all the upcoming weddings. Clean eating and some cheating will come to play I guess and dancing must resume and be on point. And hope to keep the this in mind

Hope it keeps you motivated too and have a lovely week(what is left of it)

PS; Want to get an exercise DVD, heard good things about Hip Hop Abs and Juiianne 30 days shred. Any advice?

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Late Post

I am sorry this is coming like 2 weeks late but I had some guests for the past couple of weeks and have been quite busy coupled with PHCN and Internet wahala.

So far, so good I am hanging in there and following the exercise plan, did not meet the 4 litres of water daily goal but did about 3 liters daily, clean eating was challenging for a few days last week as I was involved in the funeral of my friends mum and with the party foods etc but good thing was the hours spent walking Lagos markets and being on my feet taking care of the guests and of course, Dancing.

I have been down for the past few days but managed to go for an hour walk today and I am going to do some cooking today so that I will always have healthy food to eat especially when I get back from work. I hope to lose about 3kg this month inspite of Christmas

Current Weight is 93.5kg as at yesterday morning and my clothes are definately loose on me as I have dropped a dress size and hopefully will start 2014 at 90kg by God's grace.

Have a great week and I hope to see you soon.