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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

How are you all?

I have had issues with my laptop and that is why I have been offline these days.
I seem to have lost some of my voom for exercise since coming down with a cold 2 weeks ago. initially I got tired easily but I am fine now but have not gotten my groove back for dancing at night...... I used to enjoy it so much. I still go for my walks 3-4 times a week and am out for at least an hour or more and try to compensate for the missed dance sessions.

My diet hs been so and so, I have healthy meals in the freezer but seem to crave the white carbs but so far, ao good, I am still putting in an effort.

weight as at yesterday morning was 92.9kg

I hope to be 90kg by end of the month but I wonder how I will cope at Christmas and with all the upcoming weddings. Clean eating and some cheating will come to play I guess and dancing must resume and be on point. And hope to keep the this in mind

Hope it keeps you motivated too and have a lovely week(what is left of it)

PS; Want to get an exercise DVD, heard good things about Hip Hop Abs and Juiianne 30 days shred. Any advice?

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