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Thursday, 16 August 2012


Money, money, Where are you?
It seems the more I run after you,the farther you run.
I miss you, please come back.

ps: I am broke

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Summer Trips


How have you all been?

I have been away 1st to Accra and then to the Hope Youth Corps camp for a week. It has been quite stressful, especially my trip to Accra, you see, I had to go by road as I took along some of my books for the conference and also my boys came along for the ride.

Lagos to Accra by road took about 12hours using ABC, they were so slow but I guess safety is important and it took longer coming back, we got to the Seme boarder by 6pm but did not get to the bus pack in Festac until 11pm and did not get home until after midnight.I swore never to go Accra by ABC again or come back back by road again.

The trip was FUN as well as I made the trip with my sis in law, several girlfriend and our children and we took over a wing of the guest house, The Rest Inn, they were really nice to us despite the noise the children made.

HYC camp was fun as well, it is a week long live in camp for teens and preteens. I was there last year and was so looking forward to this year's camp and it was even better than last year's camp.

So, how have you been?