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Saturday, 30 July 2011

I just wanted to say Hi

I just wanted to say 'HI'

It has been a busy week for me as we are preparing for Tunmise's birthday party tomorrow as he clocked 10 this past week.

The canopies and chairs are set and the caterers are downstairs starting the cooking and the party favours are packed.

Hope we have a nice time tomorrow and I will post photos soon.

Good Night

Saturday, 23 July 2011


The traffic in Lagos is probably the worst thing about living in this city.........after power failure.

I am ranting right now, so bear with me.

I went for a dear friend and big sister's birthday party today and I spent over 4hours on the road going and coming and the most annoying thing was that the roads were not so bad, yes, there were some pot holes but that was not the cause but those stupid contraptions called DANFOS

It is about time those things are banned from Lagos roads and the drivers and conductors chased from Lagos as well. They stop everywhere to pick up and drop passengers, they face oncoming traffic and cause terrible hold ups,the Police, LASTMA etc have lost control and anarchy reigns.

The government should phase out these buses and gradually replace them with the BRT buses by not registering any more Danfos because I truly believe that no amount of training and cautioning can change these drivers.

Anyway, I am just ranting and don't really expect a change and I can only live in Lagos or leave it and since I have no intention of leaving, I have to live with

ps: I only spent 1hour at the party.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Long Time

I have missed the internet these past few days and surprisingly missed blogging too, but like we all know, life can be busy and life caught up with me these past weeks.

We've had a death and burial of an aunt-in-law and trust me, it was as stressful as it can be.
It was one of the biggest events I have ever been a part of, starting on a Tuesday with a service of songs and ending on a Saturday with an Outing/Thanksgiving Service......Talk about STRESS.

Then came down the RAINS and the FLOODS,and like I said in my earlier post,the rains are just beginning and we should expect more.
Loss of Lives and Property followed the rains on Sunday, my street was flooded along the lower parts and rain actually entered a couple of houses down from mine. And as my office is located in a reclaimed area, there was a lot of casualties among the staff members who live around the hospital.
I really hope the government will do something about it.

I have also had some serious cases at the clinic recently,one of the reasons I opted for general practice is because I will not have to manage patients with serious trauma,tumors and cancers.
But I have had to see a young pregnant lady with facial fractures due to a road traffic accident and yes, she was not wearing a seat belt. She lost all her front teeth as well and I had to refer her to the teaching hospital and she is doing well right now.
I have also had to refer a 19yrs old boy with a growth in his jaws which I suspect to be a Cancer. I have felt sad and emotional about his case and have been praying for him.

Please Keep him in your PRAYERS and I will keep you posted.

Good News... Tunmise will be 10yrs old this month and that is joyful and a cause for Celebration.