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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

GOOD HAIR;......... Do I have it?

Seasons Greetings to you all. Hope you've been nice as Santa Claus or Father Christmas as he is known here is coming to town........ho ho ho.

I have had my hair back to NATURAL for nearly 2yrs now and it has been an adventure. I have been thinking of the damage to my hair after using relaxers for about 22years and I have seen my hair thinning down from the 'long lush thick mane' that was the envy of other women in the salon when I go to the 'thin uneven scraggly mop' it had become.
I decided to go for it finally after watching 'GOOD HAIR' early last year, had a Big Chop last year after transitioning for about 7months with my hair in locks.
See below

This was how I looked and I felt liberated
My fears of going natural,ranged from fears of how to manage my natural hair as I remembered it as thick,very kinky and hard, combing it was difficult and even getting someone to plait it as a child was difficult as no one liked doing my hair.
I also had fears of styling options as all Naturalistas I knew then either had a low cut or had it in dreads including my sister who had dreads.
The internet has definately been the most valuable source of info for me with people like the Natural Nigerian,Screwy haired girl,Chicoro and many more teaching and encouraging Newbies like me.
I have discovered that all my needs is a lot of TLC and moisture and my hair is not hard and stuborn as I thought and only breaks when dry .I now know the use of Shea butter,EVOO,Coconut oil etc
And for,styling, I sometimes lock,wear an Afro and have even fixed a Weave and right now have kinky braids and my Trick is not having a style on for too long except the Afro.

I also have gotten a lot of compliments and support from friends and family,they asked questions at 1st but right now, my mum,a sister in law,my closest friend and SURPRISE...... my HAIR DRESSER have all gone Natural and husband love it.

I think we are changing and loving ourselves more as original Lagos Babes and I definately have GOOD HAIR.

ps....sorry pics from old BB and not so clear

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Hope you like the new design and colours of my blog page. Just want the Christmas feelings to show


Hi All,

I am looking forward to Christmas,the most wonderful time of the year.
We put up our Christmas tree today,finally as my younger son has been on my neck for the past couple of weeks about the Xmas decorations.

I don't know who loves this Season the most Me or the Children? I guess they inherited their love for Xmas from me,the decorations,the lights,Xmas shopping and Windows...........All the shopping malls, The Palms, City mall and Shoprite Ikeja is opening on the 14th of this month . BLISS

Most Importantly,the story of the Birth that gave me a NEW BIRTH,the Bible Readings,Carol Services and the general GOODWILL TO ALL MEN.
Seasons Greetings All

It is also a time a winding down and plannings of 'NEW BEGINNINGS' More on the winding down and new beginnings in my next post.
As the count down begins,I thank the Lord for good health that we all enjoy right now ,we pray for Peace in our land and Goodwill to all of you.