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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Beauty For Ashes

Just started a new year of married life.

May 24th 1997, seems just like yesterday and I can remember all the preceding events.
  Going to the NYSC camp but not reporting at the Umuahia Medical Center for my pry assingment because I was not redeployed back to Lagos and since I had wedding to plan ...........home I went.

I got to stay at home with my mum who just retired as a banker and we got to bond. We built a relationship not just as mother/daughter but as friends as we went around planning my wedding..........Thanks mum.

The 1st few years without the babies were the best, lots of loving and friendship and I won't trade those years for anything, as, we built a solid foundation that still binds today.

We lost a baby, Oluwanifise but God in his infinite mercies blessed us with Oluwatunmise and Oluwabamise.

Challenges have come but we've weathered them all.

I have asked myself,' why did I marry this man'?  Especially when he hurts me or takes me granted.
 He is lazy about housework and expects me to do everything for him, he can be unkind and uncaring, he can also be thoughtless and keeps malice like a (he has 3 older sisters)
When I think ,'enough is enough'
He does that nice, thoughtful thing that brings a tear to the eye.
He is supportive of me in whatever I do or want to do and he does not remind me of my failures, even when it cost us a lot of money.
He stands up for me in his family and will never pull me down.

And, 'I LOVE Yemi TO BITS', even when I don't tell him enough.
I am working on this marriage and God is working with me and he has given me

Beauty For Ashes
The Garment Of Praise For The Spirit Of Heaviness

ps; I was given 6 months extension of NYSC but did not mind.
pss: wrote this on the 24th but just posted it. And  decided to change my pic and show my new look ,hope you like.

Sunday, 22 May 2011


 Hello my friends,

 Long time no blogs.
Sorry oh but I have been quite busy and could only use the internet only at night and NEPA or is it PHCN has decided that we don't deserve power supply in my neighbourhood.

 So, how have you been?
 I have been fine,but patient inflow has been slow at work, so we've had to send out reminders, and hopefully more patients will come in next month.

 The boys also resumed school and hence, back to school runs and early mornings but also early starts at the clinic and quiet times before others come in.
 I also discovered a stack of Christian romance novels leftover by my sister when she moved, I am enjoying reading them and it is helping me in my  faith.Never knew they were so interesting, so sweet and inspiring

What are you reading right now? Hope it is interesting?
I have to go now and hope to blog soon.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Men in My Life

How are you my people?

Why am I talking about the man, sorry, men in my life? Well, this is May and I got married in May and I just got in from the traditional marriage of a dear friend.So am feeling the love in the air

My dad is my 1st love and he showed me what love is and what to expect from a man. I learned about God's agape love at his feet and with  him I truly feel LOVED.

My husband,lover,friend, my sweetheart as I call him is the 1st MAN of my life.  We've been together 16years and married for 14years this month, we are best friends and he is the most important after God in my life. Loving him gives me peace and he is my all and all I ever hope to have, the father of my children

       Now, I have 4 other men seeking for my attention, I met them seperately and at different times, they are all married, 2 of them are younger than me and 2 of them older than me.
 I met all of them in the course of my work(they were all my patients). 
All of them want a relationship or friendship with me. 
 I have been nice with my NO and I have been stern and short of being harsh  with my No but amazingly, they all are not taking no but keeps coming back. 
Why can't they take No for an answer?
 It is as if they planned it and they agreed to disturb my life. What am I doing wrong? 
I have spoken to them about God and his plans for marriage, I have told them how much I love my husband and even introduced 2 of them to him thinking this might discourage them(it has not). 
All I hear is how much they love me and how it is me or wah for this love
What is up with these men? They all seem happily married and I actually know 2 of the wives.

I tell Yemi about this men but he laughs it off ( he trust me not to cheat on him) but my people, advise me, 
Maybe, it is because they have good jobs and are well to do, so they think they can get any woman BUT why ME?   4  very different men..... ...abaah:
These men in my life are a harassment and since I don't own the hospital, I can't bar them from coming there.
 I AM HAPPILY MARRIED.....Till death do us part, he is mine and I am completely his and have no intention of being unfaithful to my vows and he has given me a happy life and is a great provider.

What should I do? Tell me how to say NO and be heard