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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Men in My Life

How are you my people?

Why am I talking about the man, sorry, men in my life? Well, this is May and I got married in May and I just got in from the traditional marriage of a dear friend.So am feeling the love in the air

My dad is my 1st love and he showed me what love is and what to expect from a man. I learned about God's agape love at his feet and with  him I truly feel LOVED.

My husband,lover,friend, my sweetheart as I call him is the 1st MAN of my life.  We've been together 16years and married for 14years this month, we are best friends and he is the most important after God in my life. Loving him gives me peace and he is my all and all I ever hope to have, the father of my children

       Now, I have 4 other men seeking for my attention, I met them seperately and at different times, they are all married, 2 of them are younger than me and 2 of them older than me.
 I met all of them in the course of my work(they were all my patients). 
All of them want a relationship or friendship with me. 
 I have been nice with my NO and I have been stern and short of being harsh  with my No but amazingly, they all are not taking no but keeps coming back. 
Why can't they take No for an answer?
 It is as if they planned it and they agreed to disturb my life. What am I doing wrong? 
I have spoken to them about God and his plans for marriage, I have told them how much I love my husband and even introduced 2 of them to him thinking this might discourage them(it has not). 
All I hear is how much they love me and how it is me or wah for this love
What is up with these men? They all seem happily married and I actually know 2 of the wives.

I tell Yemi about this men but he laughs it off ( he trust me not to cheat on him) but my people, advise me, 
Maybe, it is because they have good jobs and are well to do, so they think they can get any woman BUT why ME?   4  very different men..... ...abaah:
These men in my life are a harassment and since I don't own the hospital, I can't bar them from coming there.
 I AM HAPPILY MARRIED.....Till death do us part, he is mine and I am completely his and have no intention of being unfaithful to my vows and he has given me a happy life and is a great provider.

What should I do? Tell me how to say NO and be heard


Myne Whitman said...

Honestly I think you should warn them that you'll report the harassment to your employers and if they don't stop, you go ahead and do that. Haba indeed!

bimbo said...

Thanks Myne that just might work. Will keep you posted