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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Thanks all and my voice is back but coughing persist.

   I have also been reading a lot. Just bought some new books written by Nigerian Sisters and am enjoying it,it is so amazing how talented we are and  we just don't know it and I wonder how we can get more awareness to Nigerians to read more.Any IDEAS?

 .As much as I love to read, it is usually cheaper to buy foreign authors than Nigerian authors and their books are also widely available than those by Nigerians. I had to travel all the way to Victoria Island to buy Myne Whitman's A Heart To Mend and some other books by Nigerian Authors at Silverbird lifestyle bookshop and Naija Sistas bookshop as we have only a few bookshops on the mainland where I live that stock good books( not pirated copies) I also discovered that the was a lot of difference in pricing( as much as 50%).
I also found it cheaper to buy books when I travel out of the country.

    I have also discover online bookshops, Kalahari, Debonair and Walahi which is the best by far as their prices are very reasonable and delivery  is within 48 hours in Lagos. I actually bought 4  books including delivery  for N4,000.00( amazing as I actually bought a book for N3,000 at a bookshop in V/I).

    I will continue to buy foreign authors as the romance novels I love so much is so abundant and cheap in the market that I can afford to buy as much as 10 books a month if not more but I will also be patriotic and even if I have to save up to buy my Naija sisters books especially the romance genre as these stories I can related with as per attitudes,culture and environment and am looking forward to reading more ...... Just finished AHTM and Fools Rush In by Bisi Abejo and reading Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Adichie .

On a personal note, I hope to have a bookshop one day with a reading section where you can seat and read and also have literary events and I also think quite frankly that a bookshop is good business considering the cost of books in Nigeria. I think Nigerian publishers should find ways of promoting events to encourage reading as the more we read the more they will sell and the cheaper books will become.

What do you think can be done to get us to read more and is there a way to buy books cheaper?
Who do you enjoy reading and why?
Post your comments and let me know.

Monday, 21 March 2011


How have you been and how are you?

I have been quite busy at work and when you include my primary job of wife and mummy,     huumh.........some will understand the weariness that my body feels.

  Early mornings as we leave home as early as 6.15am, so as to beat traffic and make it for older son's 7am extra lessons before school starts and pick up after work and going  or is it flowing with traffic to get home, to cook dinner and help out with home work, bedtime comes for the boys and the OLDEST boy wants my attention and I have to listen to how his day went and give my encouragements.

Why is it that a woman is expected to give so much and get so little in return.........?
 Imagine this,I have picked up a chest infection this past few days,which despite, antibiotics seems to be getting worse and I have now totally lost my voice for the past 2days but I was still expected to go the PTA meeting in the boys school (note he has never been to one in the past5yrs), travel down to Agbowa, Ikorodu for the burial of a neighbor who was more like a mother to me.... she was the one that gives my boys their baths the first few weeks of life.
 Come Sunday after I have been up for hours, he wakes up at about 8.30am,shower and eats breakfast and then starts going on and on about how we will make him late for service at 9.30am. After service ,he did not allow me fellowship as he has a meeting and we need to go and then keeps me waiting in the car while he fellowships with his friends. And when I complain all I get is MA BINU. No helping hand from him and dinner still had to be made and it was plain Rice and Stew not the Jollof or Fried Rice he prefers.......sebi am not feeling well.

What a life, I need a holiday right now. A total break away from family and the familiar to an exotic location  (Banjul sounds nice) where I can read all my unfinished books without a knock on the door,eat what I want when I want it.....a la carte without entering the kitchen, gist well into the night with my girlfriend(who comes with me), shop till I drop and get all the massages and spa treatment a girl wants...BLISS.

DREAMS, you say!

Well I can dream can't I?  Who knows just maybe.

 But just dreaming and writing makes me feel better already and I will close early today barring any late patient with toothache and get into bed with a good book, boys will spend the night with my parents and he can drink garri and suya for a change and I get some Me time
psss..... I can,t talk anyway as my voice decided to go on that vacation without me.


Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Faith Or Foolishness?

What a week it has been so far and I wonder what the rest the week will bring.

Monday morning brought the news of the death of a cousin, she was a single mother of 3 and I heard she was 8months pregnant. I saw her last about 5months ago and she did not tell me she was pregnant as she knew I would not approve........My disapproval stems from the fact that she was hypertensive and was pre-eclamptic in her last 2 pregnancies and she had an emergency CS the last confinement and the baby has issues that continues to affect her till today.

  You know, in spite of her health issues, she refused to attend ante-natal clinics until she had  a heart attack and passed on to the Lord., should she not have been more careful about taking care of herself ,for the sake of her children if not for herself?  Is this FAITH or FOOLISHNESS?

  Driving home after picking up the children last evening, I saw a young man on the express road in his pool of blood having just been crushed by a trailer..dead by the time I got there, even though it happened a few minute earlier. His basket of bottled water scattered around him .......street trading on the highway in spite of its attendant risk  FAITH or FOOLISHNESS.

   Lagos is full of foolishness in the name of survival, is it the okada riders on the highway at highspeed even though they've been banned from the highways or riding without helmets which is also illegal? Or is it the market on the highway causing  the bottle necks in traffic and hazard to drivers or is it those that run across the highway under a pedestrian bridge, the list is endless.
  The laws are there to protect the citizens but are being flouted daily, there are fines for those who are caught but in a mega-city like Lagos "water pass garri". I feel sorry at times for the traffic wardens and Lastma officials, because it is difficult when the majority breaks the law.

Who loses when someone dies like this? The dead person or those left behind? What do you think?

For me, I have lost a dear sister, full of life and smiles maybe troublesome but loving and I now have to look out for her children as she was the breadwinner and caregiver.

 Rest in Peace Bolatito and  that unknown man on the road.


Thursday, 3 March 2011


Today is my baby's birthday, he is seven today and growing so fast that I can catch him no matter how fast I run.
 To think back to the boy that was in such a hurry to come after 35weeks of stressful pregnancy and weight loss due to constant nausea and vomiting. I saw my baby the next day after an emergency CS due to Placenta Previa and just fell in love with this tiny bag of bones who we named Oluwabamise because The Almighty God just saved my life and made me a mumy again.

 Bamise has always been restless and on the move since day one of life and wanting to do or outdo his big bro in everything and always coming to report to mommy(or even report mummy to daddy) if need be.

Today I celebrate a boy that has given me so much JOY that it is amazing, to think that I was scare when I got pregnant that I would not have the capacity to love him like I love his brother.....Silly ME.(I now understand God's Agape love and how big my heart can grow).

Mummy and Daddy  and Big Bro loves you with all our hearts and we pray that you grow up to be a man of God like David 'a man after God's own heart', A star that shine brightly and draw men onto our Lord and we declare that,'You shall live and not die but live to declare the goodness of GOD in the land of the living'
 Happy birthday Francis Oluwabamise Odusote