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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Faith Or Foolishness?

What a week it has been so far and I wonder what the rest the week will bring.

Monday morning brought the news of the death of a cousin, she was a single mother of 3 and I heard she was 8months pregnant. I saw her last about 5months ago and she did not tell me she was pregnant as she knew I would not approve........My disapproval stems from the fact that she was hypertensive and was pre-eclamptic in her last 2 pregnancies and she had an emergency CS the last confinement and the baby has issues that continues to affect her till today.

  You know, in spite of her health issues, she refused to attend ante-natal clinics until she had  a heart attack and passed on to the Lord., should she not have been more careful about taking care of herself ,for the sake of her children if not for herself?  Is this FAITH or FOOLISHNESS?

  Driving home after picking up the children last evening, I saw a young man on the express road in his pool of blood having just been crushed by a trailer..dead by the time I got there, even though it happened a few minute earlier. His basket of bottled water scattered around him .......street trading on the highway in spite of its attendant risk  FAITH or FOOLISHNESS.

   Lagos is full of foolishness in the name of survival, is it the okada riders on the highway at highspeed even though they've been banned from the highways or riding without helmets which is also illegal? Or is it the market on the highway causing  the bottle necks in traffic and hazard to drivers or is it those that run across the highway under a pedestrian bridge, the list is endless.
  The laws are there to protect the citizens but are being flouted daily, there are fines for those who are caught but in a mega-city like Lagos "water pass garri". I feel sorry at times for the traffic wardens and Lastma officials, because it is difficult when the majority breaks the law.

Who loses when someone dies like this? The dead person or those left behind? What do you think?

For me, I have lost a dear sister, full of life and smiles maybe troublesome but loving and I now have to look out for her children as she was the breadwinner and caregiver.

 Rest in Peace Bolatito and  that unknown man on the road.


1 comment:

Natural Nigerian said...

You raise some really important questions. I have one: Having 6 children when you can barely afford to raise one - FAITH OR FOOLISHNESS?

My condolences on your loss.