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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Thanks all and my voice is back but coughing persist.

   I have also been reading a lot. Just bought some new books written by Nigerian Sisters and am enjoying it,it is so amazing how talented we are and  we just don't know it and I wonder how we can get more awareness to Nigerians to read more.Any IDEAS?

 .As much as I love to read, it is usually cheaper to buy foreign authors than Nigerian authors and their books are also widely available than those by Nigerians. I had to travel all the way to Victoria Island to buy Myne Whitman's A Heart To Mend and some other books by Nigerian Authors at Silverbird lifestyle bookshop and Naija Sistas bookshop as we have only a few bookshops on the mainland where I live that stock good books( not pirated copies) I also discovered that the was a lot of difference in pricing( as much as 50%).
I also found it cheaper to buy books when I travel out of the country.

    I have also discover online bookshops, Kalahari, Debonair and Walahi which is the best by far as their prices are very reasonable and delivery  is within 48 hours in Lagos. I actually bought 4  books including delivery  for N4,000.00( amazing as I actually bought a book for N3,000 at a bookshop in V/I).

    I will continue to buy foreign authors as the romance novels I love so much is so abundant and cheap in the market that I can afford to buy as much as 10 books a month if not more but I will also be patriotic and even if I have to save up to buy my Naija sisters books especially the romance genre as these stories I can related with as per attitudes,culture and environment and am looking forward to reading more ...... Just finished AHTM and Fools Rush In by Bisi Abejo and reading Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Adichie .

On a personal note, I hope to have a bookshop one day with a reading section where you can seat and read and also have literary events and I also think quite frankly that a bookshop is good business considering the cost of books in Nigeria. I think Nigerian publishers should find ways of promoting events to encourage reading as the more we read the more they will sell and the cheaper books will become.

What do you think can be done to get us to read more and is there a way to buy books cheaper?
Who do you enjoy reading and why?
Post your comments and let me know.

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Myne Whitman said...

Thanks a lot for supporting writers, you will be supported too IJN. You know AHTM is cheaper and available from both Walahi and Debonair?

I love reading cos it just takes me away, and exposes me to different cultures. I think books should be affordable and that will make more people read. Ebooks are usually cheaper, but one will either read on the computer, or get an ebook reader.