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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Postal Issues

How have you been?

Some of the books I ordered finally came and through the post office.My books were shipped from the US on the 10th Feb and I was told it will take 2-3weeks and local Naija babe that I am I equated shipping with cargo and was expecting my goods at my door.(I did pay through my nose/ it cost me an arm and leg)
Imagine my surprise, When books did not arrive aafter 5 weeks and after several frantic emails,I was told that the shipping company has sent it to Nigeriaand I should check with my local post office and there was no way of tracking it.
Knowing our postal system over here, I panicked and nearly had a heart attack.I took my fate in my hands and went to my local post office.
NIPOST really impressed me, One of my 3 packages had arrived and I was told I did not get a delivery slip because there was no one to receive it when the postman came and you can imagine my fears concerning the remaining 2 packages,I was reassured by the staff and was told to leave my phone number.
I got a call as early as 7.30am on monday to come pick up the other 2 packages intact. I am happy right now and am looking forward to getting other packages through the new Improved Nipost

LAGOS is definitely Working

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