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Saturday, 25 June 2011


The rains have come to Lagos big time.

This past week has seen downpours and thunderstorms of great proportions and along with it the floods and traffic holdups.
As much as I love the rains......cosy weather especially when you don't have to go out and can curl in bed with a good book, my heart goes out to those affected by the floods.

We need to learn about not putting our trash in the drain as is the norm in some areas, the natural drainage channels are actually filled with trash and people build and live here..check out Ogudu and Oworo areas in Lagos. As more people flood into Lagos, more and more of the canals and marshes are blocked because of the need for more accommodation and the situations keeps getting worse.

The government is trying their bit but we as residents of this great city need to do more by

1.Keep the drains free by not dumping your refuse.

2.Pay your refuse bill so that the PSP collector can pick it up and don't use the kole-kole who in turn drop your refuse in the drains.

3. Don't build on the canals and drainage channels.

4. Try not to rent houses built on canals....Trust me, it is not worth it.


Anonymous said...

Ha! so true..but we go hear?

Myne Whitman said...

Those pictures are terrible! I wonder what the government is doing?

Dee! said...

This na Lagos!

I have issues with point 2. Even after paying my bills the PSP has failed, refused and neglected to collect my refuse! Hence I still use kole kole!

Nice blog!

ayabaodusote said...

I agree with you Ibhade
@Myne we are still waiting
@Dee thank you for dropping by and it will be nice if you follow as well

Dee! said...

LOL! Following... now your turn to follow :)