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Friday, 13 January 2012


This protest on removal of fuel subsidy na waah...... More and more people are on the streets daily and more are speaking out about the corruption and what the gorvernment consume.
The protest has gone beyond subsidy and am all for it even though I have lost a week's pay so far but this fight must be fought once and for all. Imagine my car now needs about N9000.00 to fill my tank and I use a full tank per week for schoolruns,work and need to buy extra if I more errands to run.... Abaah,how much is my salary? Don't forget my petrol generator also needs fuel, no power as I write.

Fellow Nigerians, It is time to call our leaders to Responsible Leadership and Accountability, they should be serving us and not us serving and feeding them.
I know the subsidy will eventually be removed but in phases after things like power supply,good transport etc are in place and the corrupt cabal is brought to justice.

So, wherever you are, Occupy your space and join in taking back our country. Remember that some people have lost their lives so far, do not let them die in vain

Remember, this our great country, our leaders and the protesters in your prayers

On the fun side. I am enjoying the time spent with hubby and kids. Quality family time.

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