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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Is Our Reading Culture Dying?

I decided to write about our reading culture today because of how it affects me as retailer of

As you know,(I hope) I started a bookshop a few months back and I have to read and review a number of books I sell,so, I read more and for me reading is the best part of my job, reading and forgetting my worries and the world in general is bliss.

My best customers are children, it pleases me when children come to my book tables in church on Sundays(I make quite a lot of sales this way and I get to personally interact with my customers). They are always eager to buy new books and I have seen children who save their pocket money to buy books, even my boys are reading more and are always the 1st to buy from me as soon as I get new stock. I believe we have a new generation of readers and schools are becoming more aware of encouraging reading as a past time.

Some Adults too are good customers I enjoy recommending books and reviewing with my customers.I have regular customers who come by every week and ask me to recommend a new book and they don't mind the cost.

I also have people who tell me they don't like reading and will rather watch a movie than read a book

Nigerians are not known readers and there is a lot of fears about our reading culture. I met a lady buying some gifts for the prize-giving day of a school and she did not think to buy books as gifts until I pointed it out and this is a teacher.
My questions are;
How do you see our reading culture?

What are you doing about it?

What book(s) are you reading right now?

When last did you buy a book for yourself or as a gift?

Do you read to your children? Or encourage them to read?

Would you rather watch a movie or read?

Why don't you buy books?

Does the cost of book determines your choice?

Do you buy pirated books and why?

I will be very grateful if you can give me honest answers by leaving your comments as this will help me and other booksellers.

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Darlinton Omeh said...

Yes, dying faster than anyone could possibly imagined. Even to read blog posts online is big problem to Nigerians..

Poverty Will Be Thing of The Past in Nigeria Soon