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Saturday, 16 November 2013

This week coming to an end was not bad exercise and diet healthy eating wise.
I actually did stick to all my planned exercise and did the detox for 3days.
I walked a lot too this week, 10km twice this week and waling 6k under 1hour and even did 7.5k in 58mins on Thursday(No wonder my feet are sore).
Current weight as at this morning is 94.7kg.
My goals for next week are;

1. Maintain exercise plan and walk 3-4days, dance and do a fitness video the other days. Try and rest on Sunday.
2. Increase my water intake to 4litres a day.
3. Portion control to continue.
4. Reward myself fo going below 95kg.(A pedicure)

I decided that I will get a reward for every goal I meet and my mini goals are 5kg drop and rewards are as follows;
95kg - A pedicure.

90kg - A book.(Apt since I sell books).

85kg - A ticket for a movie or a play.

80kg - A massage and facial.

75kg - A new wardrobe(hopefully can afford it)

So, I am getting my reward which hopefully I will get hubby to pay for....hehehe.

Have a great week all.

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