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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Browsing and Pinging

Hi Everyone,

It has been a while and I can't blame being very busy but I can definately blame my internet broadband provider because on days I have had the inspiration to write the system was down and today is the first in a few weeks that the system is not only good but fast as well.

I wonder what NCC is doing about all these service providers,both internet and phone service providers they take our money and don't provided the services and we don't even get apologies talkless of COMPENSATIONS.

Take for instance, my blackberry plan expired in September and since I was broke and had to wait for hubby to indulge me and renew the service{am married to an Ijebu man ,so, I am Ijebu by marriage and by nature). I was without the bb for a few days and after paying,I was told by the customer services person to remove the battery and restart the phone, which I did. Only to discover that my bb messenger icon had disappeared.

In spite of all my efforts to download bb messenger,and several calls to my phone company-AIRTEL- , they gave me a case number and sent me a SMS stating that the problem has been resolved,BIG LIE. A call to customer service only got me beign told that with the plan I have ,I was not entitled to bbm{why pay for a plan if not for bbm?}

Anyway, I lost my money that month as I was told I could not get it back.
And no more bbm for me, in fact I would have changed my phone company if not for all my business contacts having that number.
Sorry, all my bb contacts,I lost all your pins and no more pinging for me

I now use my other Etisalat to make my calls as they seem more reliable and I can even browse the internet without subscribing to a bb plan.

I think I will get an android or iphone......Which is better?

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Muse Origins said...

Mmmmh i think iPhone is better. Those operators can be such...capitalists. It must have sucked to loose your money sha