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Friday, 10 February 2012


It's been a while and I have missed you guys but life has been busy for me and writing has been challenging though, I still blog hop and read.
It has not been easy trying to start a business in Lagos or is it Nigeria as a whole?
Especially, as I have to import most of the books for the bookshop

Banks are not helpful, they send you to the black market to get the forex you need but they will help you transfer and collect multiple charges both on your domicilary and current accounts.
Shipping is another matter entirely, as most companies don't ship to Nigeria even if the claim to ship anywhere in the world and if they do, the cost of shipping is more than the cost of the waah.
Finally found a credible(I hope) Naija cargo company. that can receive my goods and cargo to me at a reasonable cost, so I am moving ahead.
I truly admire all you business people out there and say WELL DONE.


My bog will be a year old this month and I just might have a GIVEAWAY to one lucky follower. So, follow my blog and you might just be lucky.......Lol


CFAgbata said...

Hey there, first off I'd like to welcome you back as it's been a while. I really do sympathize with your plight for I didn't know it was that troublesome to start a business in Lagos, and it would really be a shame if you can't go on with your bookshop as books are always definitely needed by the community! So I'm glad to hear that you've come across a reliable Naija cargo company and that you're moving ahead in progress.

ayabaodusote said...

Thanks and am sure moving ahead