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Saturday, 25 February 2012

One Year Of Blogging

It has been a year of being a part of the Blogville Family and I have been Inspired, Informed, Educated and Entertained.

To think that I have never visited a blog until last year, don't get me wrong, I knew about blogs but was just not interested until I stumbled on 'The dairy of a desperate Naija Woman' and 'Myne Whitman writes' and I became hooked and decided to start a blog as well.
I have been inspired to follow my dreams of opening a Bookshop, after reading books by Nigerian Authors I found online and growing my kinky hair,informed on the going ons in Naija and the diaspora, I have been educated on care of natural hair etc and lots of entertainment.
Thank you to all my followers and all who have read my blog and made comments.

My Passions for reading and doing more for others are coming true.

My Dreams are of a better Nigeria where we can live free and fair,a country where we the citizens will not not all be seen as criminals but where we can conduct our business in a legitimate manner.
My life is in the Lord's hands and I see his faithfulness daily to me and mine.
Thanks and God's Blessings to you and yours.
Here is to My PASSIONS, DREAMS and LIFE.


Myne Whitman said...

Congrats on your one year of blogging. I've learnt from you, and been encouraged too. All the best to you and your dreams and your family too.


Congratulations. Best wishes for the years ahead :)


Natural Nigerian said...

Congratulations on blogging for a year. It is a lot of work to do it for a sustained period of time.

I hope you will be at the Meet up next week.

Ayabaodusote said...

Thanks all and I hope to continue.
@ Natural Nigerian.... looking forward to it.