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Saturday, 5 May 2012

I am not HAPPY


I am not Happy, in fact,I am really unhappy.

Satan has decided to bring out the big guns to try and steal my joy and I am fighting big Tim to hold on to it. Things are just happening that is so discouraging .
1st, I found a lump on my neck last year which I have had some tests to see what it is and the process is so slow in Luth where my specialist is. It is a lymph node and is non malignant but they can't seem to find the cause of it growing so large.

Then, my household equipment are giving up on me, 1st my microwave oven,then the fridge,followed by my washing machine and now my deep freezer packed up and it is full of food and I just repaired it less than a year ago.

Then, the custom strike has delayed some of books for some time and I hope they are safe and won't get stolen at the airport and am scared to place new order for some requested books.

I wonder why all these are happening to me,I can't afford all these repairs and health bills and it is weighing me down.
Now, my hormones have gone haywire and my period is doing their own thing. I am very weepy and sad and have asked God why he is allowing all these to happen,these drains should not happen to me as I pay my tithes and do not turn my face from the needy.

All, I have heard him say is,'My GRACE is sufficient for you, Trust me and be still and know I am GOD'. I am like Martha who was worried about many things but Jesus calls me to sit at his feet just as Mary did.

Hummmh I feel better already writing this down in the middle of the night as my family sleeps and ther is electricity and Internet service. (God is Encouraging me already).
These scriptures just came to my mind;
Praise the Lord, oh my Soul
And never forget his benefits,
Who forgives all my sins
And heals all my diseases.
Psalm 103:2-3

Rejoice, in the Lord always,
I say it again Rejoice'.

So,I can be unhappy but I must be Joyful.


Priscy said...

I am glad you found solace in the scriptures. there is a saying that "when everything around you is silent, then God is up to something"

Everything will fall into place very soon because its by his strips that we are healed of our diseases and infirmities Amen. it is well..
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ayabaodusote said...

Thanks Priscy, that was encouraging and you have a new follower.