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Thursday, 11 October 2012



How have you all been? Good,I hope?
I have been feeling very well lately except for a few aches and pains. I was with a few friends a couple of weeks ago and the conversation drifted to our health,since we are all over a certain age(guess) we started discussing medications and recent test results.
And It occurred to me that I had not done a blood check for a while, I am hypertensive and have had issues with my cholesterol in the past and so try to do blood checks regularly.
Off I went to the lab to check my electrolytes and urea,Fasting blood sugar and cholesterol. I got the results a few days ago and I have issues with my blood cholesterol again and have to go on medication again.

It then occurred to me that we tend to take our health checks for granted, I should know better being a medical practioner and I don't even have to pay to have the tests done but I still take my health for granted,aside from my blood pressure drugs and vitamins/supplements taken daily I really don't like seeing the doctor(hands covering face in shame) and try to maintain my health based on diet and exercise.

When last did you do check your blood pressure,Fasting blood glucose and cholesterol? Have you ever had a mammogram,pap smear if you are a woman or a PSA if you are a man?

It is not that expensive and a lot of NGOs are offering the checks for next to nothing eg Cervical cancer checks for as little as N1000 and a mammogram at General Hospital at N3000.
It is important we take care ourselves as this adds value to our lives.

Yes, Life is given by God but we must take care of our God given TEMPLE. Please do take care of yourself.


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