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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Believer in BETTER Naija?????

When I started this blog, I descibed myself as a Believer in a better Naija, but I am not so sure anymore.

My last post,condoling with those who lost their lives was impersonal at that time because I did not realize that Hadiza Otegbeye whose dad lived 2 houses away from mine for 10years was in the plane.
Neither did I know that my friends, Kayode Okikiolu and Eyo Bassey were also in the plane.
Yemi Okikiolu, Kayode's wife just posted new family photo on facebook a few days before she was made a widow and 3 children fatherless, Hadiza left a husband and 2 children.

What a Waste.
All because what some people cared about is Money.

Will this country ever get BETTER? Or am I just fooling myself? All of a sudden I am questioning my husband and I's decision to remain in this country.

My husband does a lot of local travel and my blood pressure was certainly up when he had to travel to Abuja the week after the crash.
My heart bleeds for this country, is it the killings and wathon destruction that goes on every week in the North or the senseless deaths on the road?

I am no longer a believer in a better NAIJA,but I am now praying for a better Naija.

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